First Edition CDI Pocket Guide® ICD-10-AM

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Keep vital information at your fingertips with the ICD-10-AM edition of the #1 best-selling authoritative CDI Pocket Guide.

This new guide retains all the clinical content that made the original CDI Pocket Guide™ a success, but it has been revised for the
ICD-10-AM classification and Australian-Refined DRGs (AR-DRGs).

For over a decade, the CDI Pocket Guide has been the essential, go-to resource for anyone involved in coding and CDI – don’t be without it!

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Key features include:

  • Guidelines is a shortcut to the most important guidelines and coding rules for DRG assignment and other important topics.
  • Key References provides detailed clinical definitions and criteria, treatment, coding and documentation challenges, and references for the
    most important and frequently encountered conditions.
  • Complex Diagnoses lists and summarises the most common and important additional diagnoses with DCL that affect DRG assignment in the different AR-DRG versions.
  • DRG Tips includes alternative DRG assignment for select DRGs which in our experience have a high likelihood of another principal diagnosis, additional complex diagnosis or procedure.
  • AR-DRG Table is a complete list of the v10.0 AR-DRGs and their cost weights for quick reference.

We trust that you will find the Essential CDI Pocket Guide™ ICD-10-AM a useful tool in addressing the daily complexities of coding and clinical documentation improvement - don't be without it!

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