Second Edition CDI Pocket Guide® ICD-10-AM Online

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Online ( CDI plus 12-month subscription )

We created our original CDI Pocket Guide to provide documentation specialists, coding professionals, and clinicians with the clinical information and guidance they need to accomplish thorough documentation.

If the “pocket-sized” hard copy isn’t for you then check out our “online edition.” We aim to provide the same great information while expanding the ease of use, content, features and portability of our guide—at a more affordable annual price.

Keep vital information at your fingertips with the ICD-10-AM edition of the #1 best-selling authoritative CDI Pocket Guide.

For over a decade, the CDI Pocket Guide has been the essential, go-to resource for anyone involved in coding and CDI – don’t be without it!

Key features include:

  • Guidelines is a shortcut to the most important guidelines and coding rules for DRG assignment and other important topics.
  • Key References provides detailed clinical definitions and criteria, treatment, coding and documentation challenges, and references for the
    most important and frequently encountered conditions.
  • Complex Diagnoses lists and summarises the most common and important additional diagnoses with DCL that affect DRG assignment in the different AR-DRG versions (6.0x, 8.0, 10.0, 11.0)
  • DRG Tips includes alternative DRG assignment for select DRGs which in our experience have a high likelihood of another principal diagnosis, additional complex diagnosis or procedure.

Always Up-to-Date. The “Online edition” is continually updated with key refinements to all topics, the latest clinical diagnostic standards, as well as pertinent coding updates. Best of all, you will automatically receive notifications when your online edition has been updated—so you and your team will always be up-to-date!

And Customisable.  The application can be customised to your own specific needs with personalised notes for any guideline or key reference topic and by selecting a favourites list to allow even easier access to your frequently searched topics.

As well as Affordable. Our new “Online edition” gets rid of the need for printing, binding, and shipping costs, allowing us to pass the savings along to you as an individual or to your organisation.

Keep vital information at your fingertips with the online edition of the #1 best-selling authoritative original CDI Pocket Guide®.  Complete with 12 months of on-going updates! The CDI Pocket Guide® is the original and STILL the best resource for coding and clinical documentation integrity.

Contact us for information regarding an organisational subscription.

We trust that you will find the Essential CDI Pocket Guide™ ICD-10-AM a useful tool in addressing the daily complexities of coding and clinical documentation improvement - don't be without it!

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